What is “Coaching for Pastors?”

The pastor is the expert…you set the agenda…the coach assist you in the implementation of mastering that agenda! Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, coaching can be a powerful technique for ALL leaders.  It is simply “A purposeful conversation that inspires you to boldly move forward.”  When you engage in a purposeful conversation with a coach, you get to the root of things…you already have the answers, coaching helps you dig deep to find them.

Karen will partner with you on this journey!  She has provided training for pastors in the area of church finances, involved in church planting, has been instrumental in helping authors become clear in writing their books and provided extensive assistance in their completed works.  She’s highly skilled in the area of church finances, non-profit management, served as business administrator, lead trustee, and pastor’s executive assistant.

Coaching for Pastors does NOT:

-Does NOT give you advice or provide mentoring

-It is NOT counseling or therapy

-True coaching is NOT about telling you “how to” in ministry

Coaching for Pastors WILL:

-Help you stay on course

-Live a healthy lifestyle

-Rediscover your passion

What are some topics we can coach on?

-Time | Team | Money

-Community Based Programs

-Ministry Formation

-Book Project

-Business Venture

-Goal Setting & Implementation

-Staying in Action

-And much more…you set the agenda!  Single most important reason to partner with a coach is to maximize your God-given potential while avoiding burn out!

Next Steps…Coaching is an investment in you!  Call TODAY to learn more about how we can connect! 

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Looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you!