A signature program developed for the Godly success of His people.  This program involves the individual who’s sitting in your congregation that believes they have a business idea that they have retired to the shelf.  You know, that dream the Lord gave you that sits dormant inside of you.  This program speaks to “giving out of prosperity, wealth vs. lack.”  We are naturally inspired to give but sometimes we often look at our bank accounts and wonder, how in the world am I to give out of what I am looking at?

This is where you reach down inside of you to learn techniques the Lord continues to download that you have overlooked simply because it is outside of your comfort zone.  It’s one of the provisions for the vision!

Where do I start?  Let’s partner together! Learn how to turn your next God inspired idea into a thriving business to bring additional funds into your household.  To help fund the Kingdom.  To help fund your ministry or non-profit organization. To help fund your next program and/or assignment.  To sew back into your community.  To sew back into our youth…


Here’s what we do:

– 12 Steps to Launching Your New Business

– Learn how to give out of prosperity, wealth vs. lack

– Biblical Business Principles

– Money Management

–  You & Credit

– And more…

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