Skills ImageKingdom Agenda Life Coaching “More Than a Conqueror” A group coaching program that can be offered in four, six, eight, or twelve-week increments.  A signature program, designed to help you set goals, get focused, and meet them on a regular basis.  Please do not underestimate the power of coaching…it is a tool that will reveal your true potential.  Meeting times are weekly, typically face to face, in a group setting.  It can also be delivered via webinar format allowing you to participate without leaving your home or work.  Follow-up is conducted via email, my online portal, or phone.  Meetings can be designed to fit your ministry needs.

Financial Growth, Management, & Prosperity “The Road Less Traveled” Designed to teach kingdom money management techniques and skills that will assist you in learning how to budget, manage, and reap financial prosperity as God intended.  This is a ten-week program but can be designed to meet your ministry|church needs.

Leadership DevelopmentDesigned for leaders at ALL levels, both new and seasoned!  Learn powerful leadership techniques designed to move you to the next level in ministry.  This topic can also be designed to fit your ministry specific needs.

Calling Discovery Workshop:  Do you often wonder what your purpose or calling is in life? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?”  Are you willing to take a journey of discovery to find out?  Then this workshop is designed specifically for you!  This is an eight-week workshop that meets on a weekly basis to cover topics to help you through a journey of discovery.

Call today to design a training and/or coaching program for your ministry!  Contact/Fax: 855.550.1515; Mobile: 314. 220.4222!